Vicky Newham


At the moment my main focus is writing the Rahman and Maguire series of crime novels, set in the Tower Hamlets area of East London. These feature Bangladeshi-born DI Maya Rahman and Australian-born DS Dan Maguire. These are police procedurals with an exploration of the psychology of violence, cultural dislocation and contemporary urban life. 

I also write short fiction, and have had numerous stories published and placed in competitions. 


All my life, I've been been passionate about the ability of language to express, evoke and transport. At school I adored dreaming up stories and dicussing poems in English lessons; I was enchanted by Greek mythology and tales of the Roman empire. In my bedroom at home I would continue reading and writing. As a young adult, I wrote plenty of short stories and started a few novels. After reading Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES and Sophie Hannah's LITTLE FACE, I realised that I wanted to write crime fiction. I wrote my first crime novel while studying for an MA Creative Writing, and began my second for my dissertation. This second novel became TURN A BLIND EYE, the first in the series of Rahman and Maguire novels.  

My writing is very psychological, in the broadest possible sense of the word. It is no coincidence that my fascination with human nature took me into studying Psychology many years ago, and it is the same curiosity which drives and informs my writing. People often say 'write what you know' or 'write what you want to read', but I'm more interested in writing about the things which bother me, which I'm curious about, which keep me awake at night. For a long time this has included the human propensity for violence, the complexity of contemporary life, and cultural dislocation. 

I am fascinated by the different ways that life experiences affect people. For example, identical twins who are raised together, start from the same genetic make-up and share an upbringing but often turn out very differently. Conversely, ordinary siblings can be raised apart but grow up to share many characteristics. How come? I am fascinated by the secrets and collusion which lurk within everyone's lives. And when people commit crimes, what circumstances and choices have led up to that moment? 

Really, I'm curious about life in all its complexity, and what it is to be human in a fast-paced, complicated, and crazy world.