Vicky Newham


I have numerous non-fiction pieces on my blog. These are mainly book and TV reviews, author Q&As, and are here:


In 2015, I had two pieces of flash fiction longlisted in the CrimeFest Flashbang competition, Mercy and Sinker. Mercy won third prize. You can read it here:



This piece, Hopscotch, won the flash fiction competition on Ad Hoc Fiction on July 1st 2015. You can read it here:




I've had numerous pieces of flash fiction published on Paragraph Planet. Each item has to be exactly 75 words long.

This one was published on 18th Feb 2016.


It was a grubby fumble at the end of detention. ‘Don’t breathe a word,’ you told me. ‘It’s our special secret.’ I packed away my fingered innocence with my Chemistry homework. Your hissed warning sent the shoots of betrayal down into the soil of my childhood. As the shoots took root, like bind weed, they strangled my dreams from beneath. Just a grope for you, while the hands of that betrayal reached into my future.




This piece was published on 101 words on 26th Feb 2016.


The Smell of Fear

She smells him first. Huddled in the bushes, she freezes, eyes tracing each step over the damp grass, unsure whether he’s seen her in the shadows.

He’s heading straight for her now, and her body is lost to terror, legs buckling, heart drumming in her chest. He’s standing over her and unfastens the buckle of his trouser belt.

She cowers further into the undergrowth, spiky branches snagging her thin coat, and scratching her face and eyes.

He feeds the leather strap round her rigid neck and yanks it tight. ‘C’mon, girl. Let’s get you to the vet, see if you’re chipped.’